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What the site has to offer.

On site

Facilities are quite basic, consisting of two toilet cubicles with attached washing basin (we’re currently planning towards expanding the toilet facilities). There are three freshwater taps located around the site. There’s a wooden shelter should you need somewhere away from the elements.

At present there is a plentiful supply of wood but this may have to be limited or brought in when the site is used on a more heavily basis (please restock the wood pile before you leave). Altar fires are required on site and an area is available for small campfires.

There is on-site parking for approximately 30 cars. No vehicles are permitted to drive on the main fields.

About the site

Jubilee is an ideal venue for all types of camps from weekends through to a main Summers camp. Open all year round, the site with its own small woodland is set back from the main road. Along with the main camping area there is also a range of varying terrain, which is ideal for survival training, wide games, and many other activities.

Jubilee is in line with other Scout Campsites having adopted a no dog ruling with the only exception being Guide Dogs – we ask all visitors to abide by this rule.

We have no real restrictions on the use of wood fires. The only request we do make is that the fires are kept to the designated fire areas. Also we would be grateful if you could keep the fires to a sensible size. It is the responsibility of each group to practice good fire safety around their fire site.

Please note that pit fires are not allowed and cooking should be on altar fires or with gas. Provision of areas for backwoods cooking are available.

At Jubilee we like to do our bit for the environment and we ask our visitors to do the same. Please try and use only biodegradable cleaning products – this stops any harmful chemicals entering the water table. Also please do not use bleach in the toilets as this destroys the bacteria in the septic tanks.

There is no rubbish collection from the site. All rubbish must be taken home with and put in recycling or general waste.

Vans are allowed on-site for loading/unloading purposes by arrangement with the warden.

For food provision, Culverhouse cross is only a few minutes drive from the site offering a Tesco Extra, Aldi and Marks and Spencer food court.

Jubilee campsite, South Wales

Camping areas

We have planted lots of hedging and trees to create separate camping areas.

Please note: Sites 8, 10, 11 and 12 are currently unavailable.

Campsite plan